Welcome to Medical Cannabis Consulting

Medical Cannabis Center Patient Services through MEDICAL CANNABIS CONSULTING LLC

Work with MCC, LLC to achieve the following benefits:

  • Provide superior patient care by offering access to expert Medical Marijuana doctor, Paul Bregman, M.D.
  • Build patient/client loyalty with in house expertise.
  • Build word of mouth reputation for your center with unique services offered to your clients.
  • Provide superior patient care by understanding effects/science of different cannabis products and types of strains.
  • Build patient/client loyalty with in house expertise.
  • Build word of mouth reputation for centers with this certified training of its bud-tenders for unique MMJ service and knowledge base.
  • Target the right patient audience with the right product & service offering and communication.


MCC Services Summary

Available now:

  • Medical Marijuana Patient After-Care/Followup programs with Dr. Bregman, Expert in Cannabinoid Medicine, available to answer any questions regarding patient care after the patient has received their medical marijuana card
    • Different plan levels to suit your client needs and budget
  • Patient Symptom Monitoring through computerized software and development company
  • Bud-Tending Training / Certificate Program- Teaching by Dr. Bregman
    1. MMJ Patient Consultation after MMJ card obtained, MMJ Doctor-Patient relationship for aftercare; MMJ center role, including coaching for Key Questions to help MMJ center bud-tenders assess client needs and recommend appropriate medicines and mode of action for specific conditions.
    2. Science of Cannabis. Right medication(s) for condition(s) being treated.
    3. Review strains, forms (tinctures, edibles, creams, smoking/vaporizing), dosing, combinations of medicines, condition/patient specific.
  • Branding & Communications Consulting; consumer insights; market segmentation and targeting strategies; profit improvement programs


Why Medical Cannabis Consulting LLC

MC Industry professionals with the powerful combination of 25 years experience each in delivering outstanding patient care and brand building/marketing.
In addition to the founders’ expertise, we would work with a range of other local professionals and experts committed to this industry – doctors and business professionals/service providers (lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, mcc growers and more).
Experienced leaders: CEO—Ms. Julie B – Harvard University MBA working with Paul Bregman, MD

Our View of the Industry:  We seek to help patients and business owners

  • Help the industry provide superior patient care
  • Help business owners build their brands –with loyal existing customers and new clientele
  • We want to help MC enterprises of all types develop and achieve their goals
  • We bring industry experience and high level knowledge of the subject matter



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