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Founder Bio Summaries

Paul Bregman, M.D., Expert & Advocate

Dr. Paul Bregman, M.D. started practicing Radiology in 1983.  He came to Denver in 1987 and was a staff radiologist at the Denver Health Medical Center and was the Chief of Mammography during his tenure there.  He was instrumental in bringing mobile mammography to the city and county of Denver.

He is an advocate, educator, speaker and physician serving the Medical Cannabis community where his mission is to serve patients through education and providing cannabis information with CANNABIS patients associated with MC centers. He has worked in the sub-specialty field of Medical Cannabis locally since 2007 and has evaluated many patients. In 2007, Dr. Bregman began performing medical cannabis evaluations in Colorado at The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation.  He trained under Dr. Thomas Orvald at THCF.  Dr. Orvald is a retired cardio-thoracic surgeon.

Dr. Bregman has trained numerous physicians in the medical cannabis evaluation field. He is a selected committee member of the Colorado Department of Revenue Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division Task Force convened in 2010. He also testifies regularly in front of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s sub-committee on medical marijuana policy.

He is a member of The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine.

He has provided Expert Witness testimony to State of Colorado Legislative Committees and has been interviewed by Colorado Public Radio, The Denver Post, Westword, the Associated Press and by National Geographic Television for an upcoming documentary about medical marijuana in the state of Colorado, to be aired in 2012.


Julie B, Brand Builder—MBA Harvard Business School Graduate—Marketing Focus

Julie sees the world differently and constantly finds opportunities and generates ideas for businesses to be remarkable and successful.  Passionate about brands, their potential and how they can best engage with their community, she believes that ALL sized budgets can be highly effective.

  • 420-friendly and developing business plans for MC centers, growers, and all other businesses in the MC industry including 420 activism ideas/merchandising.
  • Over 25 years consumer branding experience, including VP Marketing in 2 organizations; 13 years marketing consulting experience – leadership or significant position role in several organizations.
  • Powerful expert network.  Connected to broad range of talented partners with expertise in communication, research, naming, graphics and web design, traditional media and social media, online marketing, brainstorming and more to help design and implement brand building programs.
  • Led marketing efforts for high growth brands – from startups, small, medium, large to $500Million annual sales across wide product category breadth including food, high tech, home accessories.
  • Creative entrepreneur – Conceived and launched 2 small online brands.
  • Former cost accountant.  Provides a holistic view of the business, mindful of financial implications.
  • Classic CPG foundation (P&G, General Mills).